Men’s fragrance Sphinx exhumes pheromones from dead ‘top shaggers’


Sphinx – Modern Classics range is scientifically proven to increase attraction towards men who wear it. Pheromone samples have been extracted from the dead and synthesized to recreate the musk of promiscuous men from history.

The ad campaign by Aussie agency Dingo5, shows sexy scantily clad women humping marble statues of famous men with erections. And the line – Still Got It.

The top shaggers from history were selected from historical data found on Wikipedia.

Each fragrance is named after a top shagger and comes in a bottle sculpted into a bust.

Spirit of J. F. Kennedy – they blew my brains out so she’ll blow yours.
Hum of Howard Hughes.
Eau du Giacomo Casanova. Greasy does it.
Whif of Earl of Rochester. No stranger to the taste of a Lady Sandwich
Essence of Lord Byron. Putting the man into romantic.
Abe babe magnet Lincoln splash



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