PETA launches campaign against joggers and marathon runners to stop them indiscriminately murdering ants.

The print campaign by Sydney agency BFM, show’s stories by ants who have had their families destroyed by causal joggers and marathon runners.

‘Ants can’t speak loud enough so we have to give them a voice to try and stop the needless slaughter of whole colonies.’ – stated Anna Phallas from PETA.

‘Whole colonies can be decimated by so called ‘fun runs’ and charity races. The biggest threat to the ants comes during the Sydney City to Surf run. As many as 30,000 ants will lose their lives in that single event’

The poster campaign has a targeted media spend behind it, seeing the posters line popular joggers routes.







BREAKING NEWS: Your agency will be losing it’s key client today at 4pm, we’re sorry you had to find out this way.

Campaign Bitch can reveal before the agency knows that their major client is in fact leaving them. Whilst we are sorry that this is how you find out, the news always comes first with CB.

At approximately 5pm today the CEO of GYPR Melbourne will receive a call from his major client informing him that he has indeed lost the account. He will be told by a third party procurement officer who will deliver the news with complete emotional detachment. This news will be received badly due to the CEO having pre read this news here literally an hour beforehand. The CEO will have already informed the creative director who in turn will be upset prior to the official news being leaked here.

Campaign Bitch can also exclusively reveal that their head of planning is leaving also and the creative director is looking around, although that won’t start until next week.

More on this as it develops.

World’s first virtual reality charity store – Oculus Thrift launches via digital agency, We Are Something.

In a world first, shoppers can visit the virtual charity shop without having to be there in real-life. A spokes person for the charity initiative said this about the idea:

‘Our research showed that most affluent people liked the idea of shopping for second hand clothes but felt the in-store environment wasn’t for them. Shopping with other people who may slightly smell of stale urine is a huge barrier with the wealthier demographic.’

Digital agency, We Are Something solved this very real business problem by replicating the experience of a real store in 360 panoramic Virtual Reality 3D. Shoppers simply wear an Oculus Rift headset and can shop at home in luxury.

‘Since Oculus Thrift launched we’ve seen an increase in domestic and overseas sales. Our loyal staff of volunteers have also benefited directly from the technology sighting they have seen fewer obnoxious toffs in store.’

Beer advertising guidelines outlaw use of photography, logos and brand names.

Government legislation around beer advertising in Australia has once again tightened with new rules describes as ‘unworkable’ by ad agencies.

Scraatchi & Scraatchi creative director, David Tester explained the challenges faced trying to work with the new guidelines.

“It’s political mollycoddling of the highest order. We’re struggling to meet our clients needs. How can we create cut-through advertising when we cannot show or mention the product by name.”

You can view the ads below: