World’s first virtual reality charity store – Oculus Thrift launches via digital agency, We Are Something.

In a world first, shoppers can visit the virtual charity shop without having to be there in real-life. A spokes person for the charity initiative said this about the idea:

‘Our research showed that most affluent people liked the idea of shopping for second hand clothes but felt the in-store environment wasn’t for them. Shopping with other people who may slightly smell of stale urine is a huge barrier with the wealthier demographic.’

Digital agency, We Are Something solved this very real business problem by replicating the experience of a real store in 360 panoramic Virtual Reality 3D. Shoppers simply wear an Oculus Rift headset and can shop at home in luxury.

‘Since Oculus Thrift launched we’ve seen an increase in domestic and overseas sales. Our loyal staff of volunteers have also benefited directly from the technology sighting they have seen fewer obnoxious toffs in store.’


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