Experiential agency Cat Pianist LA has launched Grammys walk of fame.

Following the announcement of Grammy winners, CP+LA has installed a giant exhibition of all the winners album art stretching over a kilometre in distance.

The exhibition showcases the art of the following winners.

In da Council Gritter – best urban album.

Vaginal teeth – best nu metal album.

Get the funk out of my wife – best funk release.

How’d yo get yo dick in a mermaid? – best soul

My cardigan leaks liquid. – best folk album

Choad of choad hall – best new comer

Toothless crack habit – best new rap album

The Chemical toilets – best electronic dance release.

OAP STD’s – best old comer.



High rise construction firm reveal world’s tallest logo.

Design and branding company Frush* Sydney are behind Art + Architecture Associates, AAA’s new identity. It has been confirmed by an official from the Guinness book of world records that AAA’s logotype is now currently the tallest logo in the world. The logo has been constructed using a bespoke lightweight typeface. Typographers have described the work as breathtaking when you reach the top. The logo is so tall that the company has printed foldout headed paper to accommodate the brave new brand mark.

Vince Frush, founder of Frush* Design has dedicated the logo to typographer David Maud who tragically fell to his death during the construction of the middle A.

Top ten agency buzz words for 2014

Campaign Bitch exclusive report of trending buzz words agencies are expected to adopt in 2014.

Pump’n’dumping – fist pumping whilst downloading data in a workplace toilet.

Jazz-u-lizing – coming up with an idea on your feet while waving your hands in a jazz style.

Visual Jazz-u-lizing – Coming up with a digital idea whilst on your feet, waving your hands in a jazz style and simply drawing a triangle on the whiteboard to sell in the ‘strategy’.

VisualJazz – Was an actual digital agency name.

The Hanger Games – Trying to get from one meeting to another and eating left over sandwiches from the previous client workshop whilst trying to conceal your hunger induced anger.

Twanking – Dancing and miming masturbation with your hands inappropriately behind someone from a media agency.

Twonking – Being caught dancing and miming masturbation with your hands inappropriately behind someone from a media agency.

Qwerking – Animated GIF cock pics hidden behind a QR code sticker slapped on back of co worker.

Modem – Someone who talks a lot slower than they should in a meeting.

Dial-up – Someone so slow they only contribute one word per meeting.

NFC – Nobody fucking cares

KFC – Kinect Future Chicken

3DP’d – The act of 3D printing a tiny replica of one’s penis using the seldom used office 3D printer.

Phase Two’ing – deliberately parking an idea so that it will die.

BitCoiner – Someone who talks about bit coins in every meeting regardless.

Phygital Midgetal – A physically activated digital experience exclusively for tall midgets.

Biffin’s Bridge – An impromptu meeting that takes place walking between meetings. Derived from the slang phrase meaning the area of skin between genitals and anus.

Eg. There were no meeting rooms available so we had a debrief on Biffin’s Bridge.

Tobacco giant William Morriss criticisised over win a funeral promotion.

Bizarre promotion offers smokers the chance to ‘die happy’.

“The insight behind the promotion is clearly tapping into older smokers who are fully aware of the health implications of smoking cigarettes. In fact almost all of these older smokers know they will die younger and have less money than non-smokers.” Said a spokesperson.

“Winning a fully paid for funeral for up to 20 guests, felt like the perfect sales promotion.”

The campaign has been causing controversy in both the media and advertising sector.

Media Agency, MediaMongs have launched a media first here in Australia

At a press conference at the crown casino MediaMong’s Chief Strategy Mong, Michael Wong revealed that the agency will focus purely on buying the space for adverts in 2014.

“We’re excited to be behind such a groundbreaking return to traditional values. We tried the whole creative ideas thing and we found that no matter how many flip charts and post-it notes we went through, we just couldn’t nail a good idea in half an hour – even with 30 people”

“This year we are taking media back to it’s roots. We will phone media owners and publishers and negotiate the buying of blank spaces in which our clients and their creative agencies can put ideas, or adverts into.”

Michael went on to explain how research has shown that both media agency and client will actually save money by not trying to come up with ideas using mass brainstorm techniques, sandwiches and whiteboards.

“The savings on post-it notes alone net out to the salary of a Junior media buyer. ”

Other agencies, MediaMongrels, MediaMonkey, MagicMedia, MediaWeb and MindTheMedia are expected to follow suit.

Cannes Lion announces multiple new categories for 2014.

In a move set to increase entries and keep up with an ever evolving industry, Cannes Festival for Adverts today has announced additional categories.

Cannes Robot Lions

Cannes Vending Machine Lions

Cannes Buzz Lions

Cannes Rube Goldberg Machine Lions

Cannes Space Lions.

Cannes Only be seen from above Lions.

Cannes Drone Lions

Cannes Nano Lions

Cannes Judging Lions

Category description are available online.