Media Agency, MediaMongs have launched a media first here in Australia

At a press conference at the crown casino MediaMong’s Chief Strategy Mong, Michael Wong revealed that the agency will focus purely on buying the space for adverts in 2014.

“We’re excited to be behind such a groundbreaking return to traditional values. We tried the whole creative ideas thing and we found that no matter how many flip charts and post-it notes we went through, we just couldn’t nail a good idea in half an hour – even with 30 people”

“This year we are taking media back to it’s roots. We will phone media owners and publishers and negotiate the buying of blank spaces in which our clients and their creative agencies can put ideas, or adverts into.”

Michael went on to explain how research has shown that both media agency and client will actually save money by not trying to come up with ideas using mass brainstorm techniques, sandwiches and whiteboards.

“The savings on post-it notes alone net out to the salary of a Junior media buyer. ”

Other agencies, MediaMongrels, MediaMonkey, MagicMedia, MediaWeb and MindTheMedia are expected to follow suit.


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