Judging duties outsourced to old people’s home in Glasgow.



Campaign Bitch exclusive. Judging of this years AdAOTY Awards have allegedly been judged by pensioners in Glasgow, Scotland.

An insider at the care home has spoken out explaining how the jury was assembled remotely as part of a cost saving exercise. Entrant agencies were numbered and fed into the bingo machine and called at random then slotted into various categories.

The creative work was turned into a slideshow which was shown to the elderly folk residing at the Flacid Valley Retirement Home in Glasgow.

Attendees of the Award Night were baffled as to why some top agencies and campaigns ( celebrated at international awards ) – didn’t even make finalists.

Some of the larger networks were stunned when they did not win with many red faced execs storming out after dinner.

Network Agency of the Year was strangely awarded to the St.John Fisher School for boys.

The Grand Prix Ad of the Year was awarded to an obscure ‘Work from home for cash’ leaflet which the elderly judges described as ‘just marvellous’.

AdAOTY refused to confirm or deny the rumours.


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