Cloud of smug descends upon Austin TX, #sxsw

Texas state weather officials have warned people travelling through Austin TX to beware of a growing cloud of smug sweeping through the city.

The smug is reported to have been generated by the sheer number of instagrams, foursquare checkins and Facebook updates in such a small concentrated area.


Young girls mind literally blown at #SXSW.

Tragically Jenny Wong’s mind was literally blown at SXSW accelerator start up sessions.

One witness describes her shaking slightly before finally releasing a small puff of smoke from her ears.

Medics on the scene tried to revive her after diagnosing her with a brain explosion.

AOL’s Digital Prophet – #Shingy threatens to rip open an irony wormhole in the fabric of time LIVE at this years upcoming SXSW.

Shingy Shingy Yah Shingy Yam Shingy Yay, known as #Shingy, has announced via a series of dead drop pagers that he is intending to disrupt this years SXSW in Austin TX. The ‘digital prophet’ has prophesied that his talk can and could ‘rip open an irony wormhole into the very fabric of time’.

Last year at SXSW, #Shingy announced he was the first man to legally preface his name with a hashtag, this year he’s aiming higher.

By hacking together a SEGA DREAMCAST with an Oculus Rift and Soda-Stream, #Shingy claims to have found a way to tear a hole in the fabric of the social sphere which may cause an Irony Event Horizon.

As a result #Shingy has warned “momentarily everything that is on will suddenly be off for about 2 seconds. Everything that is off will suddenly be on. Then the social continuum will right itself and we will all return back to the meat world from the virtual world”

Tech heads and Cybernauts have known to have become momentarily naked simply by being in the prophets presence.