MeerKatz launch new logo after throwing party to celebrate $14M USD in venture capital funding on a lavish party with live #Meerkats and #otters and #everything


Tech start-upz Meerkatz have just launched a new design of their logo after throwing a party estimated to be valued at $14M USD. Their new video streaming app integrates directly to your Twatter feed and pushes outward LIVE video action of literally anything you can think of. So far people have been Meerkatzing themselves ironing, filling out crosswords and crowdsourcing the answers and other such extreme activities.

At time of writing Meerkatz founders were still reportedly missing after Meerkatzing themselves spunking more than $14M USD in venture capital funding on a lavish party with real #Meerkats and #otters.


NitFlux launches in New Zealand via #WeAreSomething and Dingo5 NZ. Not to be confused with #netflix

The first brand work on behalf of giant US video on demand service, NitFlux was launched today via Dingo5 and social meedja agency, #WeAreSomething. The US giants service message of ‘Yesterday’s TV, Tomorrow’  has been localised to appeal to the kiwi audience.

You can find out more and get a T-shirt bro >

Sxsw diary post last day.

Today I learnt nothing. Literally nothing. There wasn’t a single piece of new information that entered my whisky riddled brain.
Some guy said some things out loud, I don’t remember. I’m so lost. I don’t even think I’m in the conference any more. I went to a shop which sold candles, I thought it was a pop up experience store for a brand.
I’m so fucking lost.

Someone gave me this sticker…


Grumpy cat in rehab after massive drugs and sex orgy following SXSW movie premier


Grumpy Cat has been rumoured to have been checked into cat rehab after the cat apparently went on an ‘epic bender’ according to it’s owner.

Grumpy Cat has been touring the USA on a marketing and promotional junket to launch his new movie, Grumpy Cat. The cat’s owner has seen the spot light on grumpy cat intensify after photos of the cat engaged in a group sex orgy with stray cats were published by New York cat blogger, David Meowie. Grumpy cat was tested positively for cocaine recently and has a history of hard drinking.

The cats latest escapade saw him not returning for several days in Austin Texas SXSW film festival.