Olympic Committee have trademarked the use of circles, CMYK and the word RIO and the date 2016


In a recent announcement the official Olympic Committee have trademarked the use of circles, the colours blue, black, red, yellow and green. Going even further, the word RIO and the date itself – ‘2016’ are also outlawed. This is wreaking havoc for the world’s brands.

Brands that are not the official sponsors of the games will not be allowed to legally use circles or colours in their communication during the Olympic period. A global task force has already removed the word RIO from International Airports as well as removing all the iconography stating it is too close to the symbols of the little sporty people symbols known at the Olympics, in turn adding to passenger delays, and a confusing lack of signage.

Brands with circles in their logos are also struggling with the harsh new ruling.

However, the court of appeals are favouring the Olympics.

The biggest knock on effect will be the ruling that no other brands can communicate in colour during the entire month of August.