So what is Campaign Bitch all about? And what is the brief behind Campaign Bitch you might ask? Well, this blog is about advertising and marketing stories. By stories we mean just that, stories. Stories are often fictional or inspired by real world events, this blog tends to fall editorially on the side of fictual. The views expressed in this blog are not driven by a brief as such. They are written purely to rank well in search engines and meta spiders and other digital buzz blog things. The ad news here is not really news. So what is the CB blog ? It’s not a creativity magazine online and we are certainly not Australia’s leading title for the advertising, marketing, media and PR industries in case you were wondering. It’s more breaking mind news about everything from viral stunts to digital content to stories that might get us strung up by the lynch mob. Campaign Bitch follows it’s own brief, it’s own news agenda and has very little integrity.


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